Saturday, January 14, 2006

Responsibilities of a PACS admin

* Troubleshoot applications problems for system users and record issues in call tracking system
* Monitor health of near-line storage, archive servers, web servers, PACS/Audit databases, print servers, and RIS Interfaces)
* Assist with HL7 interface installations/configurations
* Assist with DICOM interface installations/configurations (including: DICOM Store,
* Monitor health of PACS network, assist IT with network troubleshooting
* Modify/Enhance PACS workflow processes for increased efficiency, HIPAA Compliance, etc.
* Provide PACS System training to internal departments
* Manage user accounts (permissions and roles)
* Assist vendor with major installations and upgrades
* Provide after-hours support as part of "on-call" rotation
* Assist vendor with all stages of project management for new phases
* Troubleshoot and resolve PACS equipment hardware problems
* Manage modality configurations with respect to PACS interfacing
* Install and maintain vendor software running on hospital supplied hardware
* Assist with GUI customization and configuration changes
* Publish "How To" guides for PACS applications procedures
* Plan preparation procedures for PACS system downtime


Blogger Drew And Merissa said...

As we move forward with a greatly redesigned RIS, I get great joy out of assiting with UI design and testing. I am not sure what aspect of it interests me so much, but at any rate, it is a nice change of pace. Perhaps it is the hope that if we design it well enough, I will not have many support calls!

11:26 PM  

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