Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Digital Radiography Competency


Department: Imaging Services Position: Radiology Technologist I and II

Competency Statement: Demonstrates ability to produce quality images in Digital Radiography.

Performance Criteria: Produces diagnostic quality images


Assessment Criteria

Date & Initial

1. Selects patient from worklist using one of the three methods.

A, B or C

2. Selects appropriate exposure factors for exam, patient age/size and clinical objective.

A, B or C

3. Collimates as much as possible for patient radiation protection and clinical objective.

A, B or C

4. Positions patient per exam criteria while being aware of the patient’s abilities to move/understand and respond to instructions.

A, B or C

5. Uses markers on the films

A or B

6. Understands how to view each image for diagnostic quality. For example, can identify if an image is underexposed or overexposed.

A, B or C

7. Demonstrates how to print the exam, using correct orientation and multiformat if necessary

A, B or C

8. Troubleshoots recurrent errors, knows process to contact service if necessary.

A, B or C

9. Demonstrates how to send exam, or individual images to PACS.

A, B or C


1.) Department Policy & Procedure Manual SRMH and PVH

Assessment Options:

A = Actual Job Performance (Outcome Data)

B = Simulation

C = Oral Test

D = Written Test

Observer Initial Observer Signature

Based upon Imaging Director’s/Supervisors review of competency, along with observations and interaction with this employee and input from other staff members, this employee is (please check appropriate box below):

r 1. Competent to function within the current job description.

r 2. Competent to function within the current job description. Action plan follows.

r 3. Unable to function within current job description. Action plan follows.

Action Plan to Achieve


Successfully Completed







Employee Signature Date

Reviewer Signature Date

Retain original in department file


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